Friday, 30 January 2009

Uses of Magellan Portable GPS

Uses of Magellan Portable GPS

Anyone with a Magellan Portable GPS receiver can use GPS for different purposes.

Explosion in Commericial use:

With the removal of 'selected availability' clause the uses for Magellan Portable GPS exploded. A variety of applications were found for Magellan Portable GPS.

Magellan Portable GPS and other gps devices can be put to use in tracking your pet, children and elderly people. To find your location in remote camp site and finding your way back to civilization, from seeking road side assitance for a vehicle breakdown to locating an emergency vehicle for an accident victim. 911 to fire engine services, public transportation vehicles and courier companies packages and their drivers can all be tracked with magellan portable gps tracking system.

From companies managing their logistics more efficiently to finding a hidden treasure through a global fun game - magellan portable gps and other gps tracking systems have come useful.

GPS has spawned a whole new of world of applications that was probably never considered by the makers of the system.

Is the GPS System Reliable?

The US defence controls and uses it so it has to be reliable. The system of 24 satellites are designed in such a way that at any point a Magellan Portable GPS receiver on earth receives signals from atleast 4 satellites if not more. If one or more satellites fails then they are 4 back up satellites to take their place. And the US defence budget provides for the replacement of satellites as and when a satellite goes out of service.

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