Friday, 24 April 2015

Don’t Buy High Priced Information Products If…

Lately, I ve been sending my list emails about Amazing Selling Machine , a high-priced infoproduct about Amazon selling. And because I don t want anyone who is NOT the right prospect to even think about getting it, I see my marketing message sounding more like a cautionary advisory AGAINST BUYING! But it s all good.  Those who can benefit from ASM-5 are buying from my link.  Others are ignoring it (at least for now).  And that s just the way it should work. So here are 7 good reasons to NOT buy a high-priced infoproduct. Don t Buy A High Priced Information Product

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Email Gifts

GIFT #1:  20 Easy Ways To Boost Visitor Value! How much money do you make from each visitor to your website? Would you like to double it - or even TRIPLE it easily? Collect your free copy of the report here! LINK #1: Mobilegeddon Is Here! Are YOU ready? From April 21st, Google changed the search ranking game again! In this quick 30-page handout (we re talking massively newbie-friendly), Barb shows you the easy-to-follow steps you must take to be compliant with Google.  Click here now! GIFT #2: 5 Numbers That Boost Email Profits! What if you could track just FIVE pieces of data and turn your email list into a non- stop ATM that churns out cash? Download it from here! LINK #2: If you only read one article this year, let it be this one. Solomon s Wisdom And How To Dominate Google It s the Ultimate FUTURE-PROOF SEO Checklist . Took me 5 weeks to create.  Hope you like it! GIFT #3: Turn Lost Sales Into Cash Streams! Worried about refunds? Don t be.  Now you ll turn refunds into ongoing