Tuesday, 11 March 2008

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Kolkata Knight Riders

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TIMESNOW.tv - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos -: "The Badshah of Bollywood -- Shahrukh Khan -- unveiled his team -- KNIGHT RIDERS -- just before the second round of the Indian Premier League auction on Tuesday (March 11). Shahrukh Khan's team's colour is that of black and gold. Shahrukh Khan said that black being the colour of goddess Kali, who symbolises power, and gold being the mark of voctory."

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Saturday, 1 March 2008

10 Questions To Ask About Buying Product Launch Formula 2.0

1. Do you have a product or service for sale? I know it sounds stupid and obvious, but there are some folks who are drooling over buying Product Launch Formula - but don't have anything to launch!

2. Do you have the discipline and commitment to follow a plan? Maybe you think Product Launch Formula 2.0 is a kind of magic box that you place under your bed when you sleep - and wake up to find a fortune. No, it doesn't work that way. It teaches a process... but you have to take the action steps.

3. Do you have the money? Can you really afford it? Sure, you're hoping to recoup your investment fast from applying the lessons in Product Launch Formula 2.0 - but pause for a moment and think about what could happen IF you don't. Can you face that setback without getting deep into debt?

4. Do you trust Jeff Walker? The creator of Product Launch Formula has an enviable track record of engineering multi-million dollar launches. His credentials and credibility are beyond question. But ask yourself if YOU trust and believe in Jeff. Why does this matter? Because when you believe in someone, you are more willing to follow their advice and do it whole-heartedly - and that can mean the difference between massive success and dismal failure.

5. Do you have the motivation to succeed? No, not just a hope and a dream. I mean a real PASSION to win - and pay the price that's asked. Because Product Launch Formula 2 is a pretty costly product. Unless you are determined to succeed, you will find it hard to justify this investment.

6. Do you have the time? Product Launch Formula 2, from what I hear, will be a pretty comprehensive program with many DVDs, manuals and course material. It will take time to go through, learn, and implement. The best course won't help you if it serves merely as a TV stand or tea-table!

7. Do you have the knowledge? Product Launch Formula 2 is not a 'beginner' program in Internet marketing. It is a comprehensive course on product launches. You need to know about the other elements - product creation, copywriting, payment processing, list building, autoresponder management, web hosting etc. Do you have that knowledge?

8. Do you have a team? This is not always necessary, but could be helpful. The Product Launch Formula method involves multiple tasks, and you could be hard pressed to handle them all by yourself.

9. Do you have the interest? Obviously yes, because you've been reading this article - but still, I thought it was worth including in the list!

10. Do you want great value from it? If you're just planning to get your copy and work with it, that's fine. But if you want the biggest bang from your investment, remember there will be a ton of bonus offers being made when Product Launch Formula 2 launches - and some of them will multiply your value from the product itself.

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