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IPL T20 - Let's Get To Know IPL T20

What is IPL T20? Indian Premier League Twenty-Twenty. Indian Premier League or IPL for short is the domestic twenty
twenty(T20) cricket league of India. Eight teams play each other twice in the very popular twenty-twenty format.

At the end of the league phase when all the teams have faced each other twice the points are compiled and the top 4 teams move into the final stages of the tournament. IPL T20 is a very popular and exciting form of cricket.

Lalit Modi the brain child behind IPL T20 venture has been pushing for a domestic league for a long time but the BCCI not sure of success of the tournament did not give the go ahead. A month after India's specatcular success in World T20 Championship the BCCI finally gave the nod.

Modelled after the English premier league for football and other sports leagues, the IPL T20 will have international, national and local players fighting it out side-by-side as part of the eight teams.

IPL T20 2008 was a spectacular success with crowds loving the embracing foreign players as their own and rooting for their home teams. To know more about this exciting IPL T20 click here -

Uses of Magellan Portable GPS

Uses of Magellan Portable GPS

Anyone with a Magellan Portable GPS receiver can use GPS for different purposes.

Explosion in Commericial use:

With the removal of 'selected availability' clause the uses for Magellan Portable GPS exploded. A variety of applications were found for Magellan Portable GPS.

Magellan Portable GPS and other gps devices can be put to use in tracking your pet, children and elderly people. To find your location in remote camp site and finding your way back to civilization, from seeking road side assitance for a vehicle breakdown to locating an emergency vehicle for an accident victim. 911 to fire engine services, public transportation vehicles and courier companies packages and their drivers can all be tracked with magellan portable gps tracking system.

From companies managing their logistics more efficiently to finding a hidden treasure through a global fun game - magellan portable gps and other gps tracking systems have come useful.

GPS has spawned a whole new of world of applications that was probably never considered by the makers of the system.

Is the GPS System Reliable?

The US defence controls and uses it so it has to be reliable. The system of 24 satellites are designed in such a way that at any point a Magellan Portable GPS receiver on earth receives signals from atleast 4 satellites if not more. If one or more satellites fails then they are 4 back up satellites to take their place. And the US defence budget provides for the replacement of satellites as and when a satellite goes out of service.

For more reviews on Magellan Portable GPS

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Dentists A Vital cog Of Your Dental Discount Program.

Dental Discount usually provide for a panel of dentists. You need to choose from this panel a dentists who is competent, available locally and somebody whom you are comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with your dentists or feel the dentist is not competent, you will neglect your dental health until it becomes a major issue and then it would be really difficult to rectify them

Most Dental Discount will pay for your dental treatment only if you go to a contracted or participating dentist who are part of the Network of that particular dental discount plan. A dentist
can be part of several dental discount programs.

When you buy your dental discount, ask for a list of the dentists in your area. This will allow you to decide if they have good dentists on board whom you can consider going to. You do have the option of staying with your current dentist with certain dental discount plans. However the costs covered are significantly reduced.

So, either you go with comfort or cost. If manage to get a dental discount that your dentist participates in well, that is closest you can come to having your cake and eating it too.

For more details on dental discount visit

IPL Live Cricket : Unmatched Excitement

There is nothing to beat the excitement of IPL Live Cricket. With just 20 overs to bat and score the maximum runs, batsman are always on the look out to make run, to hit sixes, to smash fours and keep the score board moving furiously.

The bowlers are not always at the receiving end. With some crafty and clever bowling in the last edition of the IPL T20, the bowlers managed to get the upper hand as the tournament progressed. Hattricks in any form of cricket are rare. But, they were several hattricks in the IPL T20 tournament. This shows the extent to which the bowlers had mastered the t20 and made the IPL Live Cricket much more lively to watch.

By the end of the tournament it was clear that all the players - bowlers, batsman, fielders had one aim to entertain and give some good cricket to the spectators. IPL Live Cricket was almost on everyone's lips in the Summer of 2008.

Summer 2009 promises much more exciting IPL Live Cricket as new players are bought, old players are exchanged and teams are much more prepared mentally. Follow the excitement at at

How Does Your Garmin Handheld GPS work?

Have you ever wondered how your Garmin Handheld GPS works? If you have, then here is the answer. Twenty four GPS satellites circle the earth twice a day. They do so in precise orbits and transmit signal information to earth.

Garmin Handheld GPS receivers take this information and use triangulation to calculate the user's exact location. The Garmin Handheld GPS receiver compares the time difference between when a signal was transmitted by a satellite with the time it was received. This time difference helps the Garmin Handheld GPS receiver to calculate how far away the satellite is. The Garmin Handheld GPS uses the same system to measure the distance from a few more satellites. With this data the receiver can determine the user's position and display it on the unit's electronic map.

A Garmin Handheld GPS receiver must be locked on to the signal of at least three satellites to calculate position on Earth and also to track movement. With the help of four or more satellites in view, the Garmin Handheld GPS receiver can determine the user's exact latitude, longitude and altitude. Once the user's position has been determined, the unit can calculate other information, such as speed, bearing, track, trip distance, distance to destination, sunrise and sunset time and more.

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IPL Cricket Primer

IPL Cricket is a domestic cricket league in India. The IPL Cricket league will have 8 teams - Chennai Super Kings representing city of Chennai, Delhi Daredevils representing city of Delhi,Kolkata KnightRiders representing city of Kolkata, Mumbai Indians representing city of Mumbai, Rajasthan Royals representing city of Jaipur,Deccan Chargers representing city of Hyderabad,Royal Challengers representing city of Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab representing city of Chandigarh-Mohali.

Each of these 8 teams will play against each other twice in the league phase of IPL Cricket. The top four teams earning the maximum points in league phase will enter the semis and the winners will battle in the finals of the IPL Cricket tournament.

The 8 IPL Cricket teams will consist of players drawn from the best talent from around the world. That's right IPL Cricket will feature top names from the world of cricket both current and retired players. So, you will be see Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist and many other former greats playing with raw, young talent from both within and outside the country.

Last edition of IPL Cricket saw new talent like Shane Watson, Shaun Marsh, Asnodkar, Ojha, Mishra, Sharma and many other youngsters turning out star performances for their teams in the IPL Cricket tournament. For more news on IPL Cricket

Explore Low Cost Dental Options

Low Cost Dental cover is the the only option for many people with no dental insurance cover. But, you don't need to be apprehensive that low cost dental would lead to less than optimal services. Don't expect 5-star service but most low cost dental options are reasonable if you don't have high expectations to start with.

You can get really good care and preventive attention with a low cost dental plan. Most low cost dental offer cleanings, dental check-ups and routine x-rays. It's for the really major dental problems that your low cost dental might not have the answers. Still, you don't need to despair.

Dental schools usually offer to take patients in order to provide their students with steady stream of patients to learn from. So, you can register with them and usually you will get good quality care. The students are mostly supervised by professors so, you can expect reasonable care. Local bodies usually provide low cost dental care in their clinics. Usually the patient load will be high and standard of care will be basic minimum but you can expect reasonable care. So, that one more Low Cost Dental option you can explore.

Check some low cost dental options at

Travel When You Want With Car Navigation GPS

Car Navigation GPS

Car Navigation GPS have become part of almost every car these days. Well, it not as if you don't know the way from your home to your office, the same route that you have been travesing for the past several years if not decades. But, when you go out of town or plan to drive across the country or live in a big city with heavy traffic a Car Navigation GPS can help navigate through the least traffic routes, with directions for taking the best possible routes.

For example my car navigation gps tells me exactly which exit to take, which intersections are coming up, what turn to take in a city that is completely new to me. I travel frequently to seminars and conferences around the country and my Car Navigation GPS is a real boon to me. My friend likes to explore the wilderness, the unexplored paths and trails and he uses his trusted car navigation gps to help him navigate the unknown.

With my new car navigation gps I am no longer afraid to take new routes and explore new cities. I just load the maps and whatever information I need into it and take-off. My gps feeds me information about places of interest, the weather report for the area, the traffic information, the place of interest, places to eat, exits coming up and lots more.

Get yourself a Car Navigation GPS and enjoy the whole new world that opens up. I found some great deals and cools reviews at

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42 Inch HDTV Modesl - Panasonic Viera

A cut above the rest! When it comes to 42 inch HDTV models, the Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ85U 42 inch HDTV is different. Panasonic have outdone themselves with this series of HDTV.

The clarity you get with the Panasonic 42 inch HDTV is top of the line, when you compare it with other plasma tv and LCD TV models with similar specifications. The Panasonic Viera has crystal clear quality making for a fantastic viewing experience.

The transition from color to color makes high speed action films like sporting events really enjoyable experiences. This 42 inch HDTV model brings great contrast to the table too. With 1 million to 1 contrast thanks to improved panel production, each image is richly expressive, be it a bright sunshine or dark stormy scenes.

When you compare images from other 42 inch HDTV models you will be very satisfied with Panasonic's performance - and it is a quantum leap ahead of the regular non-HDTV viewing experience.

With a life of over 100,000 hours (which adds up to over 30 years of regular use, or 11 years of continuous usage), this is highly durable and sturdy for a 42 inch HDTV.

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Rules Home Business Internet Marketing Winners Follow

Home business Internet marketing has rules, just like marketing any other business online or off. Follow those rules and maximize your impact, or try and break them at your own risk.

Sure, some rules for home business Internet marketing are meant to be broken or changed - but first, play by them, win, build your confidence and credibility... and only then, tweak them for greater benefit.

It begins by looking at your strengths and characteristics, personality traits, work ethic, life preferences and underlying purpose to be involved in home business Internet marketing.

The biggest problem is that home business appeals to 'lazy' people - often when they buy into the dream that home business Internet marketing is easy, quick and effortless.

That's right. Every successful home business veteran knows this intuitively is true. The highly successful are those who are motivated, independent, risk taking, have initiative and are driven to win against odds. A strong desire to gain their personal and financial freedom makes home business internet marketing attractive to them.

Regardless of anything else, the old rules apply. Nothing is magical or 'secret'. Not many things are instant or automatic. Little is easy or effortless. Especially in home business Internet marketing.

The only way to achieve lasting success in your business is by methodically building a personal brand - and systematically growing it over time. That is an asset that can be leveraged and multiplied in several ways in your home business.

"The Smilenaire Way" is about building such a sustainable business based on a solid reputation, one that you can grow and build upon in your home business Internet marketing. The free report you can download from will give you more detail about it.

Success of IPL T20

IPL T20 - The Indian Premier League T20 tournament was announced last year in September. When IPL was announced nobody had an idea what it was all about. A few details emerged some months later when the winners for the team ownership in the IPL T20 were announced. Suddenly, the whole nation woke up to the fact that something really big was in the offing. Why else would Ambani, Mallaya, Wadia, Shah Rukh Khan and others want a pie of the action.

Soon, after that it was said the players of IPL T20 would be auctioned. Auction, players? People were surprised. What does auction have to do with the players? Many were aghast. Players auction was considered as the absolute low that the game of cricket had seen.

The IPL T20 became a huge money-spinner. Anything and everything associated with the IPL T20 tournament were sold to highest bidders. Online rights, offline rights, official sponsorships, pouring rights, stadium rights, players apparel sponsors, sports kits sponsors, tv rights, broadcasting rights, photograph rights of IPL T20 were all sold. Lalit Modi the brain behind the IPL T20 tournament was not going to let the golden goose get away until he had got the last egg from it. Get more stories on IPL T20 at

Magellan Portable GPS For Cars

Magellan Portable GPS are a great option for those who can't afford to buy those fancy car models with integrated gps systems. But they are not in any way less effective. In some ways Magellan Portable GPS systems might be better because you can buy a model that will really suit your needs not take what the manufacturer offers with his car.

You can choose from a whole range of Magellan portable gps systems. You will need additional software and a laptop for it to offer you turn-by-turn instructions.

Preloaded Car GPS Systems:

Apart from Magellan Portable GPS many cars come with gps systems that are pre-loaded with maps and navigation CD which needs to be installed into your car by connecting to your laptop. These pre-loaded gps systems can be expensive costing 800-1000 dollars but you don't have the hassle of transferring maps and other data from your PC into the gps device.

If you are good at technical stuff then go ahead and buy the cheaper plain vanilla versions which need to be loaded with the maps. But you won't get the voice instructions. This might be disadvantage if you have to take your off the road to look at the screen for directions while driving.

When buying a gps look for are proper screen display otherwise you will be squiting at the screen. Magellan portable gps come with good screen display features. Look for good backlighting, clear display in all kinds of lights, large lettering and display buttons. Ease of operation and intutive interface and menus are important for you to feel comfortable to use.

Being a leader in portable gps Magellan Portable GPS come with most of these features and more. Check out more reviews here

Individual Dental Plan

Get a Individual Dental Plan if you have no dental cover from your employer. Dental illnesses can be a major drain on your limited financial resources as even simple cleanings, routine check-ups can cost you a lot of money. Particularly, if you need a root canal or some other major dental treatment the cost can run into several hundred dollars per tooth. An individual dental plan can help by getting you substantial discounts on dental treatment costs and dentists fees.

Lack of dental insurance can be a major disadvantage in dental emergencies - tooth aches, school ground accidents, tooth extractions which need immediate attention from your dentist and mean extra outgo from your kitty. Dental emergencies can strike anytime. A individual dental plan can help mitigate at least the financial part of it.

Opt for dental coverage provided by most big employers or if they do not provide one then atleast buy a individual dental discount plan which can help you with discounted fees for a range of services. Individual dental plans are conveniently tailored to provide you with the reasonable discounts on most treatment options.

Unless you have dentures, you better find a plan to cover your dental needs! Nothing hurts worse than a toothache; that is, until you get the bill! Individual Dental Plans will cover the costs associated with regular check-ups, cleanings,fillings, tooth extraction, and almost anything else needed. Depending on the type of Individual Dental Plan you decide upon, you may have to pay a small deductible or co-pay.

For more information on Individual Dental Plan here's a site you should check out:

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Email Direct Marketing to Opt-in Lists

One of the easiest ways to make money online is through targeted optin email direct marketing.

The key to optin email direct marketing lies in the concept of permission marketing. Whenever someone chooses to optin to your email list, they are not only indicating interest in what you have to say. They are also giving you permission to contact them about it. That's what sets email direct marketing apart from other marketing methods in being highly effective.

Other modes of marketing or promotion involve attracting hordes of prospects to your sales process. Once there, you have one shot at making the sale. Prospects either buy, or choose not to.

With optin email direct marketing, you have more than just that single shot. You have multiple opportunities to slowly warm up prospects to the idea of buying what you're selling - and then actually selling it to them.

Measured in marketing metrics, conversion rate with email direct marketing over a period of time is higher than any other one-short promotional tactic.

There are a few tenets to follow, some rules to observe, when using email direct marketing.

Pick a niche to focus on, and try and make it one where you have some knowledge and expertise, and have a product or two to sell.

Get your email autoresponders set up. That allows you to put your email direct marketing on auto-pilot.

Build your opt-in form where prospects can sign up to give you their email address, so you can follow up with them.

Craft your email direct marketing sequence of messages that will be pre-loaded into your email autoresponder.

Test and measure response rates, and tweak your process to make it more efficient. Soon, you'll have a profitable pipeline.

To learn more about email direct marketing and using ezines effectively to grow your business, visit our website at

IPL Live Cricket - Join The Fun

So, would you like to watch IPL Live Cricket? I asked a friend who was not very keen on cricket at all. It was May 2008 the IPL T20 was on and every evening I was hooked on to the tv. But, my friend refused to waste his time as he called it as 22 guys who owned by businessmen and moviet stars played to please their masters.

I made an offer. He could watch one of T20 matches with me and bunch of my friends on my wide screen HDTV and I would offer pizzas and drinks free. If he did not like it he could always walk out. But, if he liked it then he would have to accept defeat. My friend agreed. He can't resist Pizza!

He joined us and we sat down to watch IPL Live Cricket. The two teams walked out. As the game continued the atmosphere in the room was charged. My Chennai friends were rooting for the Super Kings, while the Kolkata friends were vocal in support for their team. The rest of us supported the team of our choice. My friend reluctant at first soon joined in the friendly banter and teasing about which team was best, or who was going to win.

Soon, he was caught up in the excitement too and chanting and cheering loudly as the 6's flew off the batsman's bat. My friend was truly hooked on to IPL Live Cricket. After that, he never refused my invitation to watch IPL Live Cricket at

Low Cost Dental: What Are Your Low Cost Dental Options?

Here are some Low Cost Dental options you can explore:

Most low cost dental discount plans are yearly subscriptions. Some offer monthly subscriptions too. Choose dental cover for a short or long period based on your needs.

Find a dental plan that is accepted by dentists in your local area. Buying a low cost dental with no local takesr is a waste of money.

A higher subscription dental plan may offer greater range of services than a low cost dental one. So, buy accordingly.

Don't buy from fly-by-night dental plan operators who sell low cost dental that no dentist will accept. You will be left holding worthless piece of paper.

Buy low cost dental that are activated with in 3-7 business days. If it takes longer than that may be it is not worth buying it.

Remember that low cost dental plans are not dental insurance and you will never get hundred percent discount on any treatment.

Don't buy low cost dental that have limitations,restrictions or waiting periods.

Most plans even the low cost ones offer free dental cleanings, x-rays, and twice yearly check-ups. Find out if your Low Cost Dental offers these. Check it out at

Sony 42 Plasma HDTV

Sony 42 Plasma HDTV is the leader in HDTV technology. The KE series WEGA is among the top models you can buy, be it online at Amazon or at your hardware store.

Priced modestly, the Sony 42 plasma hdtv is great value for money. Its super-slim 42 inch screen is barely 11 inches deep. All HDTV formats are compatible. This includes 1080i, 480p and 480i formats.

Interestingly, an add-on will change analog to near-HDTV digital quality, which makes it a desirable 42 plasma HDTV to buy. You get great quality HDTV picture, as well as high quality non-HDTV signals.

A 3:2 ratio cinema video processor and 3D digital filer are nice addon features in the Sony 42 plasma HDTV. Jacks make it possible to plug anything you want into the set.

If you don't have a home theater, you won't mind because the built in speakers are 15 watt - and have high quality surround sound with SRS audio. Other plasma HDTV systems may be priced lower, but none will give you such a fantastic tv watching experience as the Sony Plasma HDTV.

To see more detailed reviews and even of other models of 42 plasma HDTV sets, visit our website at

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IPL T20 Success Sparks Off Debate

The wild success of IPL T20 sparked off a lively debate through the cricketing world about the future of cricket. Is IPL T20 the future of cricket? Will Test and one day cricket be able to withstand the on slaught of Lalit Modi's inspired cricket league.

Already the success of IPL T20 has lead to almost all the countries announcing the launching of their own versions of the IPL. Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, England have all launched the domestic version of their own IPL T20 tournaments.

Players contracted with IPL can also be contracted to play in several of these tournaments. The winners of all these tournmanets then meet in another grand tournament called the Champions League T20. A conflict of interest can arise here. For example several players who were playing for Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings in - last edition's finalists in IPL T20 also were playing for their locals teams from South Africa and Australia which also qualified for the Chamions league. Now, these players had to choose between two teams. In future it is expected these differences will be smoothed out as a more regular calendar is established for the several domestic T20 tournaments.

Coming to debate on whether Test Cricket will die out. Last few encounters between India, Australia, South Africa and England have proved that in fact IPL T20 has contributed to players becoming more pro-active about chasing big totals and getting the batsman out in lesser number of overs. For more debates and news on IPL T20 check out

Dental Discount An Alternative To Dental Insurance

Dental Discount offers a reasonable alternative to people with no dental insurance. Dental Discount are not dental insurance - they are kind of discount clubs. You can get good quality dental care and avail of the discounts as a card carrying member. The company offering the discount dental plan negotiates a deal with dentists around the country to offer their dental services at lower costs then it would normally cost in return the dentists get a steady flow of patients.

In Dental discount the payment is usually upfront. That is you know how much you have to pay for your dental treatment when you go for it. (The amount you pay in brackets)

Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth $542 ($336)

Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid $646 ($403)

Root Canal Treatment - Molar $829 ($491)

If money is tight what you can do is visit the dentists around your area and get an estimate for the overall dental treatment for whatever dental problem you have. You could outline your position to them and ask them to give you an overall plan so you can plan your treatment over the course of a year or two and also negotiate a discount. If you already have a dental discount card chances are that the dentist may not discount his fees any further. But you can still try.

When you have no dental insurance cover "dental discount" is a sound alternative you can explore. For more details on dental discount check out :

Uses of Garmin Handheld GPS

Garmin Handheld GPS tracking systems have been very useful for people to find their way on land and on water, to keep track of people, vehicles, pets etc, in scientific studies, for map making, land surveying and countless other commercial uses. Everyday new applications are being found for the amazing NAVSTAR GPS. Garmin Handheld GPS makes use of this very same technology to help navigate the real world.

Garmin Handheld GPS Applications:

The US troops used this during the Operation Desert Storm. You can hike and bike to remote locations and not be worried about being lost with a garmin handheld gps in hand.

Other Uses For Garmin Handheld GPS

Treasure Hunt: It is a global game that has caught on. Eager people with garmin handheld gps log on to computers to get the two coordinates with which they need to track and treasure hidden at the said location.

Locating An Address: Garmin handheld GPS loaded with city maps and addresses can help any driver locate any address in a city without having to stop to ask for directions. The GPS systems guide the driver to the exact location through voice commands.

Hiking, Biking, Camping:

Hiking, biking and camping in remote locations no longer need be fraught with risks of your getting lost. With a garmin handheld gps in hand to help you, you will know exactly where you are at any point of time.

The Garmin Handheld GPS have found variety of applications are admired for their features, compact design and attention to detail. Here are a few Garmin Handheld GPS Reviews to check out -

Freelance Writing Jobs Tips

Finding freelance writing jobs to earn you good money isn't rocket science. Here are a few tips to help.

Research how to make money through freelance writing jobs. Find out what this involves. Learn what you need. Discover places which list legitimate freelance writing jobs.

When you find them, register and be an active member. The popular ones are, and

Look for freelance writing jobs on social networks. Many forums, ads, and blogs list writing opportunites that may suit your style and skills.

Craft a compelling profile. Clients look at your bio and track record. If it's impressive, you're likely to get more freelance writing jobs.

Keep learning about freelance writing. Reading other people's experiences and seeing how they got successful will give you some ideas to use.

Being up to date with technology matters with freelance writing jobs too. You'll appeal to a certain kind of client who provide assignments to folks capable of doing more than just writing.

Toot your horn. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. No, you don't have to spend money, but do take advantage of opportunities like free ads listings on websites, including

Be ready to negotiate. By showing yourself willing to tweak your offer or pricing for a first-time client, you can build confidence and gain their trust.

These tips may help you land freelance writing jobs. There are a few more steps to turning 'work for hire' into a sustainable business. We get into that on "The Smilenaire Way" program too, so you can follow a tested and proven path.

Email Autoresponders - How to Maximize Value

What Is An Autoresponder?

Maybe you've received an "away from my office" message.

When someone goes on holiday or is away from their office for a period of time it's common to switch on an email autoresponder message that sends a reply to every email received.

The email autoresponder message is a common courtesy, aimed at explaining why a personal reply email won't be possible until after the person returns to work.

This is a good example of the most basic email autoresponder. It demonstrates the principle of sending an email in response to an action, in this case an email received.

For online marketing systems, you'll need a more powerful email autoresponder that can send multiple emails during prescheduled time intervals and in response to different actions.

You can use email autoresponders to handle newsletters, mailing lists and subscriptions. With a sign-up form on your website or an email address that your visitors can email to join your list, you can have the entire thing set up to run automatically.

A case study

If you go to you will find a subscription sign-up box requesting the name and email address of visitors to join my email list.

Once a person submits their details they receive a confirmation email asking them to click a link to confirm their subscription. Once they are confirmed a welcome email is sent saying hello.

A day later my email autoresponder will send out another message that I programmed it to send. Three more days later the next email will be sent out, sharing an informative article. This way, I can keep delivering value to my subscribers - automatically.

Email autoresponders make this possible. You can learn more about picking your ideal email autoresponder from the Ezine Marketing Center.

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IPL Cricket - Everything's Official About This

IPL Cricket was launched in response to Zee's Subhas Chandra's Indian Cricket League. Signing up retired and neglected cricketers from around the world, this series paid millions to get big stars like Brian Lara, Inzaman, Shane Bond into its fold. The BCCI moved in swiftly to get all the players associated with the ICL to banned from the national sides and all forms of official cricket.

A rival series the IPL Cricket league came into being. All current and retired greats who had not signed up with the rebel league were welcomed into this brand new league that came backing of the ICC and all the major cricket boards. The IPL Cricket would have 8 city-teams. The ownership of the teams were auctioned to the highest bidders. Reliance Industries, United Breweries, Deccan Chronicle Holdings, Red Chillies Entertainment, India Cements, GMR Infrastructure, Emerging Media and Wadia, Zinta and Co.

IPL Cricket players were to be auctioned to the highest bidders among the owners of the teams. Dhoni became the highest paid player at $1.5 million dollars. Symmonds became at the highest paid foreign player when he was snapped up by the Hyderabad team after a fierce bidding war. IPL Cricket was off to a flying start. To relive those moments click here:

Driving A Pleasure With Car Navigation GPS

Car Navigation GPS systems just like any gps receiver decodes the signals from the satellite system and calculates your car position at any point of time. This is the basic function of a gps receiver. But you can't do with just coordinates about your current location. It won't be much different than say if you were given instructions in some foreign tongue.

If you have a lot of money then buy one of the luxury car models that come with a fully integrated Car Navigation GPS. The systems are fully loaded with the maps of cities and towns of your choice and features that will make go dizzy. As you navigate your way through town your Car Navigation GPS device will give you precise directions and exits to take.

For instance last week I was offered a lift by a newly formed acquaintance. He lived in some other city but had motored down to attend a seminar. I had come from another continent to attend the same seminar and was staying with friends. Except for the address of my friend's place I absolutely had no idea about how to reach the place save taking public transport.

His luxury sports car sleek and red made me drool. I gave him the address. He keyed in the details and relaxed to drive the car. As we chatted about the seminar, the Car Navigation GPS systems kept feed him instructions on the least crowded roads to turn into, the exits to take and options for eating places, gas stations, entertainment spots, interesting locations all available at the touch of a button.

Before I knew it I was being dropped off at my friends home! The power of the Car Navigation GPS had me completely floored. Before the day was out I was looking up the Internet for deals on the best Car Navigation GPS systems. I found some great deals and cools reviews at

Get the most out of Individual Dental Plan

How to maximize the benefits from your Individual Dental Plan? Be wise read the benefits booklet of you individual dental plan and
familiarize yourself with the details. Learn about the exclusion clauses and limitations.

Feedback is important. Both your dentist and the Individual Dental Plan company need to kept informed about any problems you are facing. Making the most out of your Individual Dental Plan is ultimately your responsibility.

So, ask questions of the Individual Dental Plan provider and be a partner in your own health. Remember, your individual dental plan helps you pay for certain kinds of dental care. Your dental health needs can only be determined by you through consultantion
with a personal dentist. Those decisions can not be made by your individual dental plan.

If you need a good Individual Dental Plan here's website you can check out:

Projection HDTV - Great Technology

High definition enabled TVs are called HDTV. The most popular projection HDTV uses liquid crystal diode technology.

This LCD technology brings a brighter image with higher contrast to images on the projection HDTV screen. It greatly enhances your experience.

It isn't really brand new. LCD technolgy, used in projection HDTV, is ubiquitous. Your digital clocks, stereo displays, home theatres and music systems, microwaves and calculators all use an LCD core.

For more about projection HDTV and to read reviews of HDTV, please visit our site at

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Nothings Beats A T20 IPL Live Cricket Match

Raw, unadulterated, pulsating action, that's what IPL Live Cricket is all about. Last edition of IPL we saw some of the most exciting cricket of the fast, furious and fiery kind. In the very first match of IPL Live Cricket Brendon McCullum set the pace with some ferocious batting by Brendon for his Kolkata Knight Riders.

That's was just the start IPL Cricket needed. In the next month and half every evening millions of people in India and abroad were glued to their TV sets watching Live IPL Cricket action. Men, women and children, young and old, rabid cricket fans and the new converts cheered for their home cities with a passion never seen before.

IPL Live Cricket changed the TV watching habits of millions of women. Those who were earlier hooked on to TV serials of the Saas-Bahu kind were now watching T20 cricket and enjoying every moment of it with their families and friends. Old women were exchaning cricket scores over the fence, neighbors cheering for rival teams were having heated arguments. Young children who normally watch cartoon characters and Hannah Montana were idolising cricketers.

As the next IPL edition draws near get ready for action packed evenings, with 59 matches spread over 44 days, with your top stars fighting it out to get the coveted IPL trophy. Get all the action on IPL Live Cricket at

Profitable Home Based Business Can Be EASY!

Far too many people hold off on trying out something new because they are afraid it will too difficult. Or too time consuming. Or too expensive.

Building a profitable home based business is NOT difficult. Doing it as an infopreneur is simple, too. You'll be surprised to see just how simple it can all be.

A profitable home based business developed around your passion, interest or expertise, can be very exciting. To create and sell an information product, you need to know what your market wants, then find a solution to solve their biggest problem, and then package it into an easily consumed product.

And you have to place the offer in front of the right audience and make sales.

Done the right way, it can be VERY easy! Let me share a 3 step process about how to do it.

1. Find out what your market wants.

2. Create the solution to their problem.

3. Package information into a product.

The details on how to do this is what we get into in "The Smilenaire Way" program. You can learn more about it on the website here.

How To Buy Helpdesk Software

After you have evaluated helpdesk software on the basis of features and benefits, you still have to look at possible pitfalls, assess the technology driving the help desk, and see how others have fared from using the help desk software in their businesses.

Helpdesk Software Buying Pitfalls

In any technology-based solution, things can go wrong. You have to carefully assess the impact of such failure on your business.

* Find out how and where data is stored in your help desk. Rarely scripts get corrupted, and you might be able to retrieve essential data by understanding where it is stored and how to access it directly.


You can get more valuable information about selecting and buying helpdesk software

Magellan Portable GPS - Why Should You Buy?

Magellan Portable GPS are advanced yet easy to use navigation systems. The Portable GPS devices find a wide variety of applications - as an navigational aide during driving, camping, biking, auto navigation, hiking, hunting, recreational boating and fishing.

Apart from the above uses Magellan portable gps have been used as public safety devices, transportation aides, in agriculture, forestry and aviation systems, in seismic analysis and open pit mining and much more. You name it and Magellan will find a way to make it easier, simpler or better. Sophisticated navigation and positioning systems have made Magellan Portable GPS the go-to gps technology in diverse range of industries worldwide.

Magellan portable GPS receivers have simple menus and intelligent design and have been favored both by the lay user and the sophisticated technology geek. A leader in the field of GPS technology Magellan makes portable gps both for the commercial and professional applications. Their accuracy is especially useful in scientific experiments and other industrial applications.

Magellan Portable GPS systems have been around for over 20 years and have been widely used in surveying and mapping and are highly trusted by survey and GIS businesses worldwide.

Magellan portable gps include the award winning Magellan® RoadMate™ series portable car navigation systems, the Hertz NeverLost® system and the eXplorist™ family of handheld outdoor navigation devices. Magellan Portable GPS is recognized worldwide as a premier and easy-to-use solution in consumer navigation. To read Magellan portable gps reviews click on

Dental Discount - What's the Right Choice

Finding the right dental discount can be tough both when you have too many choices or when you have to compromise on something that's not suited to you at all.

Choices. When you don't have them you wish you had them. When you have too many you wished for just one low cost dental plan so you didn't have to choose. That sums up most people's feelings when faced with any task.

Now, for instance consider dental discount. It should be a simple task to select the right Dental Discount for your needs but it isn't. The wide range of choices actually confuse and bewilder us.

The Un-employed and the self-employed with out the safety net of a secure job have the difficult task of finding a Dental Discount that will provide with the best of care and the least of worries. For that you need to research and choose a plan that meets your needs. Look for a Dental Discount that allows all kinds of treatments. Avoid low cost dental plan that with LEAT - least expensive alternative treatment and UCR - usual and customary care clauses. These clauses provide for the least expensive treatment instead of the optimal treatment that you may urgently need.

Check that your dental discount does not have low annual limits, restricts your choice of dentists and treatment options. All these conditions will lower your premiums but so will it restrict your treatment. If you and your family have a history of dental problems then choose a dental discount that offers the most bang for your buck. The premiums will be high but atleast you will get the treatment you need, when you need it. For more details on dental discount visit: http://www.a1-dental-insurance/

42 Inch HDTV - An Introduction

42 inch HDTV uses the technology to bring brighter images and better contrast to greatly enhance your tv-watching experience. LCD technolgy is all around us. Your digital clocks, your stereo display, home theatre and music systems displays, microwaves and calculators all use LCD technology.

42 inch HDTV s are the latest innovation in the high definition television technology.

The sleek, flat 42 inch HDTV display screen adds a futuristic touch to any room. Unlike traditional TV's your 42 inch HDTV display images that are sharp both in bright and dark room conditions and also, there is no flickering of the image in your 42 inch HDTV hence no eye strain.

42 inch HDTVS come in several sizes. It's the truly huge rooms that will need the bigger sizes than 42 inch HDTVS. Several companies like Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba manufacture 42 inch HDTVs. Samsung 42 inch HDTVs are among the most popular in the category.

The flat screen allows you to watch TV from any part of the room without image distortion normally associated with the traditional CRT TV's curved screen surface.

Advances in LCD technology that enable faster response times have effectively eliminated the problems of streaking, trailing and ghosting on 42 inch HDTV screens that were associated with with these TVs in the initial stages. Response time is the amount of time a pixel on the 42 inch HDTV display screen takes to refresh itself.

HDTV displays are long lasting and offer multiple functionality. An average LCD dsiplay will last 60,000 hours. If you watch TV for an average of 8 hours per day your HDTV display will last you 20 years.

HDTVs are high definition enabled. HD displays HDTV and regular TV. You can watch home video in most formats and you can hook it up as your computer monitor.

You can learn more about HDTVs and read reviews about several brands of 42 inch HDTV models at

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Brain Behind IPL Cricket

IPL Cricket would not be the grand sporting and business sensation that it is today if not for - Lalit Modi. He is the chairman and commissioner of IPL cricket and a vice president at BCCI and hit the national limelight with the launching of the IPL T20 Cricket.

Born on November 29, 1963, Delhi, Lalit Kumar Modi was the President of Rajasthan Cricket Association. Today, he is the Vice President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. IPL cricket is his brain child.

Along with Inder Singh Bindra, he studied the European and American sports league and decided that an IPL Cricket league would definitely work in India. They set about planning out the IPL Cricket format and nitty-gritty. Initially the BCCI was sceptical about the success of this new scheme and did not approve it.

Everything changed after India won the T20 World Cup in South Africa under Dhoni's captainship. The all conquering heros got a grand reception with millions of people thronging the streets to welcome them. The euphoria generated by the mass hysteria of India's win finally convinced the BCCI and the IPL Cricket was born.

To know more about Lalit Modi and IPL Cricket click here:

Freelance Writing Jobs Can Build Your Fortune!

Online freelance writing jobs are very attactive as a business model for infopreneurs. While it does require some effort to get initial freelance writing jobs and attracting your first clients, it is easy to sustain your business for as long as you enjoy writing.

On the Internet, freelance writing jobs can be very lucrative. I have written short articles and been paid $10 to $25 for work that took me around 30 minutes. I have also authored longer reports of 3,000 words, and been paid $350 for it.

As long as you are willing and able to do careful research on the kind of freelance writing jobs you'll accept, and compile your articles in an attractive, unique and valuable way, you can survive and thrive.

Learn more - here.

Garmin Handheld GPS - Ideal For Adventure

Garmin Handheld GPS shot into prominence during the the first Gulf War. These Garmin gps devices were widely used during the War by the Coalition forces. The Garmin handheld gps helped the troops find their bearings in the wide, open, featureless deserts of the Gulf Region.

Today, the Garmin Handheld gps has found a wide variety of applications. These devices have been specially designed for hikers and adventure seekers. Many other recreational sports also make use of Garmin handheld gps devices.

Garmin Handheld GPS also have the advantage of being affordably priced for the features they offer. Garmin GPS are known for their innovative product designs, user-friendly features and reliable performance. Garmin handheld GPS are known for their quality,great interface and safety features incorporated into them.

The eTrex series of Garmin handheld gps devices have been most popular since their launch.Colorful and loaded with features the eTrex series is available for every budget.From entry-level eTrex Yellow to super advanced models like Legend and Vista - eTrex have great features like compass, city databases, maps and altimeter.

The Garmin Handheld GPS systems are world-class products, admired for their features, compact design and attention to detail. For Garmin Handheld GPS Reviews check out -

Email Direct Marketing Tactics

Email direct marketing is an effective ezine marketing method which many experienced email marketers have found lucrative and effective.

The one problem is with the way email direct marketing is applied.

Some practitioners with a 'slash and burn' ideology simply build lists, bombard them with email direct marketing messages, and hope that a fair share of them buy. After a while, as efficiency drops, they abandon or flip the list and start afresh.

Others with a longer term focus will build lists and nurture a relationship with subscribers first before sending them email direct marketing messages, thus fostering a trusting association which leads to their ability to keep making sales for a longer time.

Which of these 2 email direct marketing strategies you adopt will determine your approach - and success level too. If you are interested in learning how to foster trusting relationships with your email subscribers, then you will find the free overview report here of use - it introduces the concept of building small lists for big profits, and tells you more about the Ezine Anti Marketing course.

With this tested and proven approach, you can build an email direct marketing powerhouse for your business.

Find The Best Individual Dental Plan

Individual Dental Plan
that meet your needs is not all that tough to find. There is a wide variety
of choice available in individual dental plans. You are sure to find a
individual dental plan at prices that is quite competitive.

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42 Plasma HDTV Reviews

The most popular models of 42 Plasma HDTV use the liquid crystal diode technology to bring brighter images and better contrast. This greatly enhances your TV watching experience.

42 Plasma HDTV technology is all around us. Your digital clocks, your stereo display, home theatre and music systems displays, microwaves and calculators all use LCD technology. 42 plasma HDTV sets are the latest innovation in lcd technology.

Some say 42 Plasma HDTV technology has been overtaken by LC HDTVs screens... and also in popularity. But 42 plasma HDTV are still wildly popular in certain markets.

You will find some excellent reviews and more information about 42 plasma HDTV on the HDTV REVIEWS website at

IPL T20 - A Billion Dollar League

The IPL T20 is the first billion dollar sporting league in Asia. Indian Premier League For Cricket(IPL T20) is a brain child of Lalit Modi an office bearer with the BCCI. The telecast rights for the IPL T20 matches alone has brought in more than a billion dollars. The rights to teams has brought in another $700 million dollars.

Add to this the several million dollars in team rights, official sponsors in various categories, stadium advertising, official partners, website rights and much more will bring the BCCI several million dollars in revenue.

Your Home Business Internet Marketing Plan

In your home business Internet marketing, you need to track absolutely everything scrupulously. You need to know exactly how many sales, and therefore how much profit, each ad campaign your home business Internet marketing efforts are bringing in.

And that's only the beginning. There's a lot more to learn, and 3 critical mistakes to avoid before you learn to build a successful, profitable home business Internet marketing success story.

You'll learn about it in this short free report called "The Smilenaire Way". You can download it here.

Low Cost Dental Plans

Low Cost Dental should not cost you more in the long run, so
beware. Your low cost dental should work for you when you need and especially
in an emergency.

So, watch out before you sign up for a low cost dental.

The low cost dental should offer freedom of choice and a lot more for it
to be useful to you.

Using Email Autoresponders Smartly

Ezine marketing involves sending email messages to your subscribers, often by pre-loading them into email autoresponders.

Email autoresponders will distribute your messages to your audience on a time frame that you pick. You can select which message should go out immediately, and which ones should follow - and also select the frequency and interval between messages, and email autoresponders will make it happen.

Email autoresponders will save you time, effort and money - when you use them the smart way.

To learn more about the process of picking email autoresponders, and about how to maximize their value to your business and ezine marketing efforts, don't miss reading the email autoresponders section of our website.

Click here to learn more about email autoresponders and how to use them.

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Build Your Profitable Home Based Business

How can you build your profitable home based business?


The 3 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in their Internet business leads to inability to build a profitable home based business.

And fixing those three mistakes will therefore brighten their chances of achieving success in building a profitable home based business.

Why is home business so challenging and tough?

The short 12 page document will completely change your outlook and prove how easy it is to build your own profitable home based business... even if you're a complete beginner and starting from scratch.

Download "The Smilenaire Way"

Helpdesk Software Basics

Even if it appears redundant in the beginning, spend some time thinking out your customer support process and structuring it effectively. Internet marketing customer support almost automatically means helpdesk software solutions.

In earlier years, it was possible to set up a customer support process based on the intelligent use of autoresponder email accounts alone. Not any longer. With email deliverability being quite unreliable, customer communication is better handled by a web based help desk software system.

To meet this demand, many helpdesk software programs have been created, each with specific features and benefits.

Helpdesk Software - learn more here