Monday, 7 April 2008

Indian Premier League Cricket - Set to ROCK!

Indian Premier League Cricket is all set to take the Indian sports loving public by storm on April 18th, 2008.

A total of 59 Indian Premier League matches will be played and the tournament will be 44 days long.

In the entire Indian Premier League Tournament, there will 8 cricket teams representing different cities in India. Each team will have players from India as well as other countries.

The Indian Premier League sold franchises to these teams to top bidders. Franchisees received complete rights to the teams.

Telecasting rights to the Indian Premier League matches will also be sold and part of the revenue earned will be shared with the franchisees.

Indian Premier League Cricket Matches Will Be Twenty20 Format

The t20 format which has become hugely popular around the world in one day cricket matches will be adopted by Indian Premier League too.

The shorter version of one-day international cricket matches has brought in fans from around the world. A total of 59 Indian Premier League matches are scheduled to be played in April and May of every year.

BCCI wants to arrange it so that the official Indian Premier League matches get more publicity, more crowds and more revenue. Towards this end it is using financial clout and muscle power to ensure that all official cricket boards around the world cater to its official tournament of IPL.

With regard to the Indian Premier League, BCCI even secured assurances from the boards that those players who play in the rival ICL will no longer be considered for selection to their respective offical teams.

Clearly BCCI means business when it comes to Indian Premier League - and no one dares to mess around with the world richest cricket body!