Friday, 16 January 2009

Magellan Portable GPS - Why Should You Buy?

Magellan Portable GPS are advanced yet easy to use navigation systems. The Portable GPS devices find a wide variety of applications - as an navigational aide during driving, camping, biking, auto navigation, hiking, hunting, recreational boating and fishing.

Apart from the above uses Magellan portable gps have been used as public safety devices, transportation aides, in agriculture, forestry and aviation systems, in seismic analysis and open pit mining and much more. You name it and Magellan will find a way to make it easier, simpler or better. Sophisticated navigation and positioning systems have made Magellan Portable GPS the go-to gps technology in diverse range of industries worldwide.

Magellan portable GPS receivers have simple menus and intelligent design and have been favored both by the lay user and the sophisticated technology geek. A leader in the field of GPS technology Magellan makes portable gps both for the commercial and professional applications. Their accuracy is especially useful in scientific experiments and other industrial applications.

Magellan Portable GPS systems have been around for over 20 years and have been widely used in surveying and mapping and are highly trusted by survey and GIS businesses worldwide.

Magellan portable gps include the award winning Magellan® RoadMate™ series portable car navigation systems, the Hertz NeverLost® system and the eXplorist™ family of handheld outdoor navigation devices. Magellan Portable GPS is recognized worldwide as a premier and easy-to-use solution in consumer navigation. To read Magellan portable gps reviews click on

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