Thursday, 15 January 2009

Email Direct Marketing Tactics

Email direct marketing is an effective ezine marketing method which many experienced email marketers have found lucrative and effective.

The one problem is with the way email direct marketing is applied.

Some practitioners with a 'slash and burn' ideology simply build lists, bombard them with email direct marketing messages, and hope that a fair share of them buy. After a while, as efficiency drops, they abandon or flip the list and start afresh.

Others with a longer term focus will build lists and nurture a relationship with subscribers first before sending them email direct marketing messages, thus fostering a trusting association which leads to their ability to keep making sales for a longer time.

Which of these 2 email direct marketing strategies you adopt will determine your approach - and success level too. If you are interested in learning how to foster trusting relationships with your email subscribers, then you will find the free overview report here of use - it introduces the concept of building small lists for big profits, and tells you more about the Ezine Anti Marketing course.

With this tested and proven approach, you can build an email direct marketing powerhouse for your business.

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