Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Success of IPL T20

IPL T20 - The Indian Premier League T20 tournament was announced last year in September. When IPL was announced nobody had an idea what it was all about. A few details emerged some months later when the winners for the team ownership in the IPL T20 were announced. Suddenly, the whole nation woke up to the fact that something really big was in the offing. Why else would Ambani, Mallaya, Wadia, Shah Rukh Khan and others want a pie of the action.

Soon, after that it was said the players of IPL T20 would be auctioned. Auction, players? People were surprised. What does auction have to do with the players? Many were aghast. Players auction was considered as the absolute low that the game of cricket had seen.

The IPL T20 became a huge money-spinner. Anything and everything associated with the IPL T20 tournament were sold to highest bidders. Online rights, offline rights, official sponsorships, pouring rights, stadium rights, players apparel sponsors, sports kits sponsors, tv rights, broadcasting rights, photograph rights of IPL T20 were all sold. Lalit Modi the brain behind the IPL T20 tournament was not going to let the golden goose get away until he had got the last egg from it. Get more stories on IPL T20 at http://www.guydz.com/indianpremierleague

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