Friday, 16 January 2009

Nothings Beats A T20 IPL Live Cricket Match

Raw, unadulterated, pulsating action, that's what IPL Live Cricket is all about. Last edition of IPL we saw some of the most exciting cricket of the fast, furious and fiery kind. In the very first match of IPL Live Cricket Brendon McCullum set the pace with some ferocious batting by Brendon for his Kolkata Knight Riders.

That's was just the start IPL Cricket needed. In the next month and half every evening millions of people in India and abroad were glued to their TV sets watching Live IPL Cricket action. Men, women and children, young and old, rabid cricket fans and the new converts cheered for their home cities with a passion never seen before.

IPL Live Cricket changed the TV watching habits of millions of women. Those who were earlier hooked on to TV serials of the Saas-Bahu kind were now watching T20 cricket and enjoying every moment of it with their families and friends. Old women were exchaning cricket scores over the fence, neighbors cheering for rival teams were having heated arguments. Young children who normally watch cartoon characters and Hannah Montana were idolising cricketers.

As the next IPL edition draws near get ready for action packed evenings, with 59 matches spread over 44 days, with your top stars fighting it out to get the coveted IPL trophy. Get all the action on IPL Live Cricket at

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