Friday, 16 January 2009

42 Inch HDTV - An Introduction

42 inch HDTV uses the technology to bring brighter images and better contrast to greatly enhance your tv-watching experience. LCD technolgy is all around us. Your digital clocks, your stereo display, home theatre and music systems displays, microwaves and calculators all use LCD technology.

42 inch HDTV s are the latest innovation in the high definition television technology.

The sleek, flat 42 inch HDTV display screen adds a futuristic touch to any room. Unlike traditional TV's your 42 inch HDTV display images that are sharp both in bright and dark room conditions and also, there is no flickering of the image in your 42 inch HDTV hence no eye strain.

42 inch HDTVS come in several sizes. It's the truly huge rooms that will need the bigger sizes than 42 inch HDTVS. Several companies like Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba manufacture 42 inch HDTVs. Samsung 42 inch HDTVs are among the most popular in the category.

The flat screen allows you to watch TV from any part of the room without image distortion normally associated with the traditional CRT TV's curved screen surface.

Advances in LCD technology that enable faster response times have effectively eliminated the problems of streaking, trailing and ghosting on 42 inch HDTV screens that were associated with with these TVs in the initial stages. Response time is the amount of time a pixel on the 42 inch HDTV display screen takes to refresh itself.

HDTV displays are long lasting and offer multiple functionality. An average LCD dsiplay will last 60,000 hours. If you watch TV for an average of 8 hours per day your HDTV display will last you 20 years.

HDTVs are high definition enabled. HD displays HDTV and regular TV. You can watch home video in most formats and you can hook it up as your computer monitor.

You can learn more about HDTVs and read reviews about several brands of 42 inch HDTV models at

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