Sunday, 18 January 2009

Dental Discount An Alternative To Dental Insurance

Dental Discount offers a reasonable alternative to people with no dental insurance. Dental Discount are not dental insurance - they are kind of discount clubs. You can get good quality dental care and avail of the discounts as a card carrying member. The company offering the discount dental plan negotiates a deal with dentists around the country to offer their dental services at lower costs then it would normally cost in return the dentists get a steady flow of patients.

In Dental discount the payment is usually upfront. That is you know how much you have to pay for your dental treatment when you go for it. (The amount you pay in brackets)

Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth $542 ($336)

Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid $646 ($403)

Root Canal Treatment - Molar $829 ($491)

If money is tight what you can do is visit the dentists around your area and get an estimate for the overall dental treatment for whatever dental problem you have. You could outline your position to them and ask them to give you an overall plan so you can plan your treatment over the course of a year or two and also negotiate a discount. If you already have a dental discount card chances are that the dentist may not discount his fees any further. But you can still try.

When you have no dental insurance cover "dental discount" is a sound alternative you can explore. For more details on dental discount check out :

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