Thursday, 15 January 2009

Garmin Handheld GPS - Ideal For Adventure

Garmin Handheld GPS shot into prominence during the the first Gulf War. These Garmin gps devices were widely used during the War by the Coalition forces. The Garmin handheld gps helped the troops find their bearings in the wide, open, featureless deserts of the Gulf Region.

Today, the Garmin Handheld gps has found a wide variety of applications. These devices have been specially designed for hikers and adventure seekers. Many other recreational sports also make use of Garmin handheld gps devices.

Garmin Handheld GPS also have the advantage of being affordably priced for the features they offer. Garmin GPS are known for their innovative product designs, user-friendly features and reliable performance. Garmin handheld GPS are known for their quality,great interface and safety features incorporated into them.

The eTrex series of Garmin handheld gps devices have been most popular since their launch.Colorful and loaded with features the eTrex series is available for every budget.From entry-level eTrex Yellow to super advanced models like Legend and Vista - eTrex have great features like compass, city databases, maps and altimeter.

The Garmin Handheld GPS systems are world-class products, admired for their features, compact design and attention to detail. For Garmin Handheld GPS Reviews check out -

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