Monday, 19 January 2009

Sony 42 Plasma HDTV

Sony 42 Plasma HDTV is the leader in HDTV technology. The KE series WEGA is among the top models you can buy, be it online at Amazon or at your hardware store.

Priced modestly, the Sony 42 plasma hdtv is great value for money. Its super-slim 42 inch screen is barely 11 inches deep. All HDTV formats are compatible. This includes 1080i, 480p and 480i formats.

Interestingly, an add-on will change analog to near-HDTV digital quality, which makes it a desirable 42 plasma HDTV to buy. You get great quality HDTV picture, as well as high quality non-HDTV signals.

A 3:2 ratio cinema video processor and 3D digital filer are nice addon features in the Sony 42 plasma HDTV. Jacks make it possible to plug anything you want into the set.

If you don't have a home theater, you won't mind because the built in speakers are 15 watt - and have high quality surround sound with SRS audio. Other plasma HDTV systems may be priced lower, but none will give you such a fantastic tv watching experience as the Sony Plasma HDTV.

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