Friday, 9 January 2015

Why Procrastinators Should Eat Chocolate

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Procrastinators can benefit from eating chocolate. At least, that s what the scientific research indicates! Hard to believe? Read on and you ll learn an interesting (and fun) way to beat procrastination and get things done. Rewards help you build habits. Habits let you do things automatically, without thinking too much before you get started. Once you begin a task, it s easier to finish it. In this way, you ll stop procrastinating and achieve more. What makes for a good reward? Chocolate! Yes, really. Many procrastinators love to eat chocolate. Turning that craving for chocolate into the basis for forming good habits and establishing powerful rituals is a great approach to beat procrastination. Bad habits are easy to acquire. That s because they offer you some immediate reward. So if you reward yourself for acquiring a good habit, it will become a powerful reinforcemen

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