Friday, 9 January 2015

Email Marketing Services: 3 Winning Strategies

How do you go about getting the highest value out of your email marketing services and launching your own ezine? Briefly I ll explain the entire process of starting an ezine. It can be conveniently grouped into three stages: 1. Planning 2. Designing 3. Distribution YOUR BLUEPRINT TO EZINE SUCCESS The first stage in formulating an email marketing services strategy is conceptual where you, as ezine editor, chalk out your ezine strategy. Several things need to be thought through. Most important among them are deciding upon the topic of your ezine, the frequency of publication, the targets you are hope to achieve, your revenue generating plans, budget allocations, selecting a suitable name, marketing and promotion strategies and in some cases the exit strategy. DEVELOPING A FOUNDATION TO EXPLOSIVE GROWTH The second stage in your email marketing services plan is concerned with laying out a scaffold upon which you will build your ezine. Creating a newsletter template for your ezine, prepari

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