Sunday, 4 January 2015

How To Stop Procrastinating

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Procrastination is a universal curse. Everyone suffers from it. You do. And so do I. We postpone things to a tomorrow that never comes and then regret our choice when we don t meet deadlines, miss opportunities and suffer stress. Waiting, postponing and putting things off only maes you feel inefficient, frustrated and stupid. So let s talk about how to get rid of those bad feelings and overcome procrastination for good. In this mini-series of posts about how to beat procrastination, you ll learn: why standard procrastination cures seldom work how habits and personal rituals can beat procrastination what makes some habits more powerful than others how doing fun stuff (like eating chocolate) can help with procrastination Technique #1 for how to stop procrastinating is simple: Forget About Willpower. Build Habits. Many procrastinators worry that they lack willpower. You t

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