Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Email Services Secret: Delete Unresponsive Email Lists

I m midway through the process of deleting over 3,500 subscribers from my email services provider database, and paused to share some thoughts about WHY I m doing this. 1. They May Buy Sometime is a myth We ve all heard it. A silent subscriber turns into a multi-thousand dollar spender after years of receiving your valuable content and insight by being on your email list. And if you ve been running email lists for long, you ll know it is a myth. One where exceptions prove the rule.  If that s your only rationale for keeping email addresses on your database, you re probably paying more for email services you won t profit much from. 2. Move the free line is a joke There is solid rationale behind giving away great content through your email list to convince hesitant prospects about your skill, experience, knowledge and expertise. To brand you as an authority. But there s a limit. Most subscribers know enough after getting some solid value from you. Beyond that, more free stuff doesn t ma

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