Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Secret To Keeping Your Mailing Lists Responsive

A fascinating article everyone who owns mailing lists should read is 1,000 True Fans . It s about how anyone can have a thriving business that meets all their needs if only they had 1,000 true fans! In my course on email list building and marketing, I group subscribers into 5 categories and teach the importance of focusing attention on a very special segment of your mailing lists your MOST RESPONSIVE subscribers. Your most responsive subscribers are the people who READ what you send them. Who take ACTION on whatever you suggest, be it clicking on a link to visit a website, download a PDF or watch a video. Who BUY on your recommendation. These are the rare fans on your mailing lists who will talk to others about you, spread your message and story far and wide, and keep your business growing constantly without you having to do anything except provide great value. And the importance of taking GREAT care of this passionately loyal section of your mailing lists (which is rarely bigger than

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