Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Amazing Potential of Free Email Marketing

Free email marketing is the most powerful way to promote your e-business. But what if you don t have a product or service to market through your ezine? Well, you can do one of two things: - Create a business and use your ezine to market it. - Or simply sell SOMEONE ELSE S product to your ezine readers! Whatever you choose, I ll show you the powerful insider tricks and strategies to exploit your ezine s potential to generate a continuous stream of profits month after month, year after year. Automatically, without any extra effort. FREE EMAIL MARKETING THE FUTURE-PROOF ONLINE MARKETING STANDARD The online advertising industry is maturing. During the expanding bubble phase of Internet business, the vast majority of clueless dot-coms threw millions of dollars at ineffective advertising. They queued up to experiment with the latest fad, not bothering about results or expense. The result A disappointing return from marketing dollars. Online advertising got a bad name. Businesses reined in t

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