Sunday, 10 April 2016

Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms

Leaky Gut Syndrome symptoms like gum disease, heartburn, bowel irregularity, stomach gas and depression have often been mistaken as signs of other disorders like celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome or gluten intolerance. Leaky gut symptoms are all the result of an increased leakiness of the gut lining to its contents like partially digested food, bacteria and viruses. When these foreign proteins bypass the gut s lymphatic defences and invade the bloodstream, your body launches an attack on them. This becomes an autoimmune reaction which leads to several consequences. By identifying leaky gut syndrome symptoms earlier and starting treatment faster, it is possible to arrest this progression quickly and avoid complications. In later stages of LGS, fresh symptoms may appear like food allergies, joint pain, chronic fatigue, skin rash and headaches. For more about leaky gut syndrome symptoms and signs, see this report at the Leaky Gut Cure Review website. And check out Karen Brimeyer s

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