Monday, 17 November 2014

Email Newsletter : 10 Reasons Why A Small Business Needs One

Other articles on the InfoProfitz blog at Info Profitz can help you turn words into wealth through email marketing, blogging and self publishing. An email newsletter is the killer app for small businesses both online and off just as email is to the Internet. Publishing an email newsletter or ezine can help you, the owner of a small business by converting visitors into repeat visitors repeat visitors into new customers customers into loyal returning customers loyal customers into evangelists for your business Yes, creating an email newsletter for your business is as vital as any other promotion or marketing strategy. Indeed more so. Think about it. Let s say you run a major advertising campaign that brings in 5000 new visitors to your business website. Five hundred may be interested in what you re selling. Fifty of them may order your product or service straight away. But what about the other 450 or even the other 4950 ? How can you keep in touch with them, offer them other products, i

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