Saturday, 20 June 2009

Teeth Implants Costs Depend On Dentist

A dentist who has trained extensively, has lots of experience, has required skills and does a good job naturally commands a higher price and so teeth implants costs at such a dentists office will be surely much higher.

You might be able to get dental implants at less than half the tooth implants costs charged by this dentist at your local dental office. But, consider the long term risks. If you dentist messes up your jaw bone or places the dental implant incorrectly you will be end up with a much bigger problem than you started with.

A friend of mine went to a rookie implantology and for a single implant. But the guy drilled into her jaw bone and broke it at 7 different places. She was in great pain even after months of treatment. After several months she decided to change dentists.

The new dentists did x-rays and was horrified to see that her jaw bone was no longer capable of holding on to her good teeth. They were all ready to fall off as the teeth had no support. The jaw bone was damaged badly. Several thousand dollars and several dozen visits later she has ended up with a mouth full of artificial teeth and no taste. Thanks to her decision to go to a cheap dentist instead of a experienced and qualified dentist.

So, don't always look at the teeth implants costs, think what you get in return.

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