Tuesday, 26 May 2009

How much does teeth implants cost in the US? Does Insurance Pay For It?

Teeth implants costs

are not usually covered by dental insurance as they are cosmetic. So, you need to pay for this by yourself. But in some cases the dental insurance company does pay for a cheaper option like dental bridges.

That is they will not pay for the teeth implants costs that you incur but instead they would pay the amount equivalent to that of dental bridge. You will then the pay difference from your own pocket.

Teeth implants costs quite high. A ballpark figure works out to $4500 dollars per tooth. Depending on the dentist this might include - original tooth extraction, bone grafts, teeth implant, abutments and crown. Ask your dentist for a breakup of the teeth implants costs quote.

Teeth implants costs is a pretty long and expensive process. Bridges are a less expensive and also qualify for dental insurance. But they are not very attractive compared to implants and itt can also mess up the perfectly good teeth on either side of it causing their erosion over long term. In the long term teeth implants costs work out cheaper!!

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